The Alliance of Business Professionals is comprised of local professionals sharing a common goal of creating an unparalleled level of service and execution to each of the other members’ clients. With more than one hundred and twenty years invested in varying backgrounds including accounting, law, finance, real estate, insurance, and design, the NCABP members lend their expertise and acumen to each other and to each other’s clients.

Member Insights

Can you build a house today for less?

By Andrew Nuzzi If one were to ask this question to the average person, the answer would of course be YES. If you were to ask the same person why, the obvious answer would be that the real-estate market has dropped about twenty percent in value in the past few years, therefore today you can build for […]

Feng Shui in the Northeast in 2011

By Anna Maria Kinberg Northeast has very favourable feng shui energies of the White star # 1 in 2011. The right nourishment of these energies will strengthen the career and good luck energies in one’s home or office. Metal element is good here. Good feng shui colors for this feng shui area in 2011 are water […]