Can you build a house today for less?

By Andrew Nuzzi

If one were to ask this question to the average person, the answer would of course be YES. If you were to ask the same person why, the obvious answer would be that the real-estate market has dropped about twenty percent in value in the past few years, therefore today you can build for less.

Before the end of 2010 I was told by Northeast window representative that their windows would be going up in price about five percent in the start of 2011. The windows are just one component that goes into building a home. If one were to multiply that same five percent increase on half of all the building materials that goes into building or remodeling a home, I now ask you the same question “Can you build for less today” even though (not thought) the price of existing homes has (not have) dropped about twenty percent in value?

Most building materials have gone up (add “up”) in cost and will keep going up. The only variable in the equation is ”The overhead and Profit” Are you willing to work for less?

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