Feng Shui in the Northeast in 2011

By Anna Maria Kinberg

Northeast has very favourable feng shui energies of the White star # 1 in 2011. The right nourishment of these energies will strengthen the career and good luck energies in one’s home or office.

Metal element is good here. Good feng shui colors for this feng shui area in 2011 are water and metal colors, such as black, blue, charcoal gray, white. You can also add other water feng shui element decor cures, choose the ones that work best with the decor of your space.

Avoid fire feng shui element colors, such as red, purple, hot pink, orange, etc, as well as fire feng shui element shapes and decor items.

The 2011 feng shui energies in Northeast are also nourishing your relationships. So family photos in metal frames, or any other objects in two that you love and will represent the feng shui cures for love.

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