The strength of any business is its employees

By Mike Gregor

The strength of any business is its employees. Hiring, developing and managing employees is critical to your success — and mistakes can be costly. That’s why ADP’s Complete Payroll package is designed to give you everything you need to manage your employees and your payroll. Accessible at any time from any computer via the Web, offering a wide range of features to help your business save time and money. These are some of the features offered…

  • Tax Filing — ADP calculates, files, deposits and reconciles your payroll taxes.
  • New Hire Reporting — Helps protect your company from penalties due to mistakes or late filings.
  • Poster Compliance — Stay compliant and receive automatically updated federal and state labor law posters.
  • Flexible Input Options — Whether you prefer to call in your payroll or enter the data online, you can beconfident that your data is safe and secure.
  • Employee Access — Employees can find answers with online access to current and historical
  • payroll documents.
  • Instant Pre-Screens — Quickly pre-screen applicants to identify potential risks and strategically determine where to run additional in-depth background checks.
  • Employee Handbook Wizard — Create a comprehensive, professional quality employee handbook based on federal employment law in just 15 minutes.

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